Se Aprueba el Uso de la Marihuana con Fines Medicinales: Un Gran Paso para Argentina

febrero 28, 2018 1 Comentario

After the great work done by groups of mothers of children with pathologies (especially epilepsy ), for the legalization of medical marijuana as a treatment for their children and all the people who need it, a new law was approved by unanimity of the legislators in the Senate of Argentina on March 30, 2017 with 58 affirmative votes.

Approval in the Argentine Senate

The New Law That Authorizes Importation and Use, But Penalizes Self-cultivation

The new law was promoted by civil organizations such as " Mama Cultiva ", a non-profit foundation that aims to group mothers of children with refractory epilepsy, cancer and other pathologies that have not found an improvement with traditional medicine, seeking to promote the use of cannabis resin for the wonderful results achieved.

After obtaining the approval of the Chamber of Deputies in November 2016, the importation and use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes is authorized. However, self-cultivation, one of the things that mothers of "Mama Cultiva" were asking for, continues to be penalized - At present, there are many cultivators who are arrested or in prison.

From now on, medical and scientific research on the medicinal use of cannabis, under a regulatory framework, may prosper and in addition, people who need it for medical reasons may obtain it for free.

Conditions of the Law on the Import and Use of Medicinal Cannabis?

To benefit from the use of cannabis oil, a medical prescription is needed, which may cause this point, controversy, given that a person with certain contacts, could benefit from the free use of this treatment without fulfilling the necessary conditions.

According to Emilio Ruchansky, editor of the THC magazine, the national state recognizes that cannabis has benefits, recognizing the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology ( ANMAT ) last year, several uses of it. Another fact highlighted by Ruchansky is the legality of Cannabidiol , known by the terminology CBD, the main non-psychotropic component of cannabis, which is not punishable.

An interesting fact is that this new law is an accession law, which means that each province can decide whether to adhere to it or not. With this, Argentina takes a big step in terms of regularizing the use of medical marijuana, but it remains one of the most backward countries and with the highest penalties for drug offenses compared to other countries such as the United States, Uruguay or Germany , among others.

It is expected that as research on the medicinal benefits of this plant progresses, other countries will join the list of countries where medicinal cannabis use is legal, for the sake of the people who need it.

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mariana corbino
mariana corbino

junio 13, 2018

Hola soy de buenos Aires, argentina y quisiera adquirir el aceite. es para dos personas una con rotura de meniscos y la otra artritis de espalda y manos. No se si se usa como aceite local o capsulas. Es muy cara? como la adquiero? gracias!!

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